Hey, Your Repricer Just bit You in the A$$

Buy Box Amazon FBAJust a small lesson why you really need to think and plan correctly when using a repricer. I’ve been selling an item and shared the Buy Box with several other sellers and everyone got a fair share of the sales action. Profits were, decent sales for everyone involved until “YOU” came along with your repricer wanting the Buy Box all for yourself. “You” configured your repricer to always stay 2 cents below everyone else and suddenly my sales went to zero. Did you really think everyone else would just sit idle and let you have all the action? [Read more…]

Amazon FBA Pricing Strategy: The Race to the Bottom

Amazon FBA Repricing Strategy

Amazon FBA Repricing Strategy

If you are selling products through Amazon FBA you are most likely familiar with pricing, automated repricers, and the crazy race to the bottom that is often wiping out profits for everyone involved. Automated repricers are used to by sellers to maintain a presence in the “Buy Box” and to have sales – even when a competitor is trying to outbid everyone else.

While repricers and repricing are great tools to keep your sales going, they are also a pain the rear because if a bidding war gets started the profits usually go out the window – for everyone involved. Some people participate in these price wars at all cost – especially when they want to hurt a competitor hoping that the other guy blinks first (gives up) or runs out stock allowing prices to return to normal levels. [Read more…]