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Sales through Amazon FBA

Sales through Amazon FBA

Let’s admit it – Amazon.com is a force when it comes to selling products online and Amazon.com is not going away anytime soon. Many businesses, especially booksellers feel threatened by Amazon and over the years many business owners blamed Amazon.com for the failure of their businesses. I am sure Amazon.com has affected many business models, but that is simply the way the Internet works. In my opinion you can continue to blame Amazon and continue doing what you are doing or you can adjust your own business model and thrive.

Reboot your business online

Unless you already have a successful online business where you sell your products, you might want to take a closer look at Amazon.com from a business perspective. Amazon offers a fulfillment service that is extremely unique. And while this fulfillment service is not cheap to use, thousands of businesses are using it to increase their online sales. This business model works because of the brand recognition that Amazon.com has built up over the last 20+ years. Consumers trust Amazon and they love prices, customer service, speed of delivery, and the generous return policies that Amazon offers. Small businesses have jumped on board and are utilizing the brand power and traffic volume that Amazon offers to increase their online sales.

The Opportunity

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is an opportunity that you should consider taking. Imagine just sending your products into an Amazon warehouse and not having to do anything else. Amazon’s website will sell your product. Amazon’s warehouse will pack your products and ship them to customers. Amazon will handle any customer service inquiries and Amazon will also handle the main parts of customer returns. All you have to do is to make sure to have enough products at an Amazon warehouse to keep sales coming in.

Daily Sales Report Amazon FBA

Daily Sales Report Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Selling on Amazon through FBA is not overly complicated, but it is not easy either. While opening a seller account is fairly easy, getting approved to sell in restricted categories like Health, Beauty, or Groceries is a whole different story. In addition, you cannot simply list your products and expect sales to take off like crazy. Careful consideration which of your products will be good selling opportunities on Amazon and to price them correctly requires some work. Listing your own, unique products on Amazon.com takes things to a whole new level. As an example, you can easily piggyback on existing product listings of other sellers if you have a 1:1 match for the same product (example: you want to sell a 24 bag Tazo Tea pack that is already listed on Amazon and you would simply list your offer against that product listing). Creating your own listing for your own unique products or variations of products (example: you want to sell a Tazo Tea Variety pack) involves many more steps + you need to optimize the new listing and eventually advertise it to kick sales up into high gear.

FBA Consulting Services by Net Services USA LLC

Net Services USA LLC is involved in ecommerce and online marketing for many years. We have our own Amazon seller account that we use to generate income from, but also to learn and to experiment with. We sell products in many different categories and know our way around Amazon FBA. We would like to offer you our services and expertise to get started selling through Amazon FBA as well. Our services range from helping you to get your account setup and configured correctly to actively manage your Amazon sales. And of course we can help you with anything in between related to Amazon FBA.

Need simply someone to bounce some ideas off that are related to your Amazon FBA plans? A single hour of our coaching and consulting services can save you thousands of dollars (depending on the situation of course). Think about talking to us before making major decisions just to make sure you are not forgetting something. Let us look at your private label efforts before you send that money to a supplier – you never know what another pair of eyes will see.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss selling products through Amazon FBA with you.