IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Is your business protected in case disaster strikes? Can your business IT environment survive if something really bad happens? Net Services USA LLC will thoroughly analyze your business for disaster recovery related issues in regards to your IT infrastructure. We will look at all IT related bits and pieces and our recommendations will give you the chance to be prepared when disaster strikes. Having a solid IT Disaster Recovery strategy lets you sleep better at night.

Are you prepared for when disaster strikesDisaster recovery is a critical piece if you want your business to survive. DR protections starts with simple backups and can go all the way up to real-time data replication. How about offsite storage of data? How good are your backups if they are stored in the same location your business is at? A simple building fire would wipe out your business. Not only would you lose your business, but you are also required by law to store data for certain amounts of time. The IRS will not let go just because you failed to have an offsite data storage solution in place.

Here is what Net Services USA, LLC can do for you. We will create an inventory of all your computers and software. We will analyze your overall file and data resources and identify priorities which will help you to develop a solid disaster recovery strategy. From there we will make recommendations about how to implement a disaster recovery strategy. But that’s not where we leave off. If you wish we will execute the disaster recovery strategy implementation for you and make sure that the system works to your satisfaction. And last but not least you and your staff will be trained on all necessary steps and pieces involved.

We will also provide you with documentation in the end so that you can always go back, review your disaster recovery strategy and make adjustments as needed.

From experience we know that disaster recovery is often left out from any business plan and implementation. It also gets a low priority as long as everything is running smoothly and life is good. But when disaster strikes it is too late and pretty much everyone involved from the business realizes the mistake at that point. Getting a business back together at that point is difficult. One other thing people often don’t realize is the need for a payroll system that works no matter what. “Just because” your business blew up does not mean you do not have to pay your employees for work they did up to that point.

Don’t get caught with your “business pants” down. Disaster recovery is not a luxury, it is a necessity for a business of any size. Please contact us today to see how we can help your disaster recovery preparation efforts.