Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, every good business should have a web page with those darn frequently asked questions. I decided to do so too, but I am wondering if that is really such a good idea. Who knows, some people actually might same value (or at least a chuckle) out of this edition of my frequently asked questions.

Q. How many employees does Net Services USA have?
A. To be honest, not many at all. Net Services USA teams up with specialized providers in many areas where it makes sense to do so. Over the years we have developed business relationships that allow us to provide you with a large number of services. And for the project related work that we offer this has worked out best. I’d love to have many employees as I see that as a great way to support the economy and the community. But things have not worked out that way yet.

Q. Do you have your own data center for web hosting?
A. No, Net Services USA leases hardware/services in world-class data centers. Those providers offer redundant power and cooling and also have extremely tight physical security barriers in place. Why reinvent the wheel if there is somebody who knows this stuff much better?!

Q. Is it true that published a book?
A. I actually did write and publish several books. The most successful one has sold many thousand copies (in Germany). The most successful one published here in the United States helps people to start their own web hosting business. The books are a bit outdated at this point though.

Q. If you know so much about web hosting, why aren’t you a full-time web hosting provider?
A. I am happy with the mixed approach where I can host and manage customer websites, while other people have to take care of all the hardware and data center stuff for me.

Q. Do you offer 24/7 support?
A. No, my 6 year old son does not like that idea. I work about 12-14 hours per day already, that is enough. So, as an example outsourcing some parts like the web hosting hardware and data center services lets me sleep at night knowing that a dedicated team of system administrators covers my back. But I am available all day to help you with issues and concerns as needed. This business model has been tweaked and adjusted and is working great for both sides (including my 6 year old son)

Q. I have received an email offering me the #1 spot in Google for the most difficult search term. Can you do the same?
A. Absolutely. But I don’t think you would be satisfied ranking up there for one day and then being banned and de-indexed by Google for the rest of your life. So, I am not going to send you those type of emails.

Q. Can you cook?
A. I can make a killer Italian Tomato Sauce and Pasta. But I decided against a career as a chef – I am already doing the dishes at home. Enough said …

Q. Should I buy a book about SEO?
A. No, save yourself that disappointment. Such book would be outdated before being printed. There are plenty of free and paid resources online. Hit me up and I will send you a few links to start with.

Q. Can you print money?
A. Yes, I can, but I think it is illegal to do so. I prefer to work for the money and I love depositing your checks into my bank account. My bank always has free lollipops.