Is Your Website Optimized For Mobile Phones?

More and more customers are searching on mobile devices like Iphones or Android based smart phones. Do you know how your website looks like on a smart phone? Fact is that most websites are not optimized for the mobile Internet and the results are turning visitors away from your website. Some websites work on an Iphone, but not on an Android based Smart Phone and vice versa. A professional looking mobile Internet presence is critical to capture website visitors attention.

Get A Mobile Optimized Website

Net Services USA, LLC Mobile Optimized WebsitesIf your website is not optimized for smart phones you are losing customers! Net Services USA, LLC can help you to setup a mobile version of your website. The good news is that you can have a mobile version of your website very quickly. The bad news is that if you wait any further your competitors are taking advantage of you because they know that 1 ine 3 mobile Internet searches is a local search for a business like yours.

What Makes A Website Optimized For The Mobile Internet?

You will not need to reinvent the wheel when setting up a mobile version of your website. However, it is important to keep certain things in mind when making a mobile website. Net Services USA, LLC will help you to optimize your website following certain steps.

  • Automatic identification of a mobile visitor and redirect visitor’s web browser to the mobile version of your website
  • Make web pages readable on a small screen and make sure critical information is immediately accessible
  • Reduce load times for a better user experience and to accommodate slower speeds on a mobile phone

These 3 steps are critical to succeed with your mobile website. While some mobile web browsers do a good job in resizing your existing web pages, the process does not always work and it does not address slower load times or a redirection to an optimized version of your website.

Visit our Mobile Optimized Website Example. Click here.

Contact Net Services USA, LLC to get your own mobile version of your website. Packages start at $397.00

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Mobile Optimized Website

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