Net Services USA LLC 10th Year Anniversary

On April 4th in 2002 I founded and registered my own business and have been in business ever since. I just filed the annual report for my business with the State of Colorado. It has been a wild ride with lots of up’s and down’s, but more important – it has been a lot of fun. If you own a business and want to be successful, I think it is extremely important that you are passionate and that running the business is fun. For me it has been a lot of fun. [Read more…]

My Content Strategy for 2012

In this article I am going to talk about a very important part of my online strategy for 2012. And while this article describes my strategy, this strategy is something you should consider for your website as well. The year 2011 has shifted things around quite a bit and while it was already important to have good content on your website, the level of importance has gone up dramatically. I have already started implementing parts of this strategy and will expand on it even further for 2012. [Read more…]

WordPress Plugins You Need to Have: Sharebar Plugin

WordPress is my favorite platform for my own and for client websites. WordPress is easy to configure and easy to use once everything is setup. While WordPress is easy to install, it requires a little tweaking to have it look and work the way you want. Nothing earth-shaking depending on how far you want to push things, but the more complex your business model and what you are trying to do it might get difficult. [Read more…]

Online Marketing Help For Local Businesses

Going online, pretty much any business will face fierce competition. Often the local market is even more difficult to tackle and outranking local competitors seems impossible to some. Competing with large brands is quite a challenge and it can really be an issue if those brands are competing in your local market, too. Furthermore, localized search engine results might push your “normal rankings” down – literally making your website go dark when it matters most. Google Places, Bing and Yahoo local listings are cluttering up the “normal” search results design and for a business that is not listed as part of the local programs of the search engines it is difficult to even show up on page #1 of the search results accordingly. [Read more…]

Your Website Performance Is Important

Having your website online is a good step, but you also need to make sure that your web hosting provider is a good one. For one you want to make sure that your website is up and available at all times. You also want to make sure that your web hosting provider gives you good support and service and does not over-charge you for web hosting. That does not mean you should go for the cheapest web hosting provider out there, but there is no need to pay a fortune either. [Read more…]

Do You Really Need A Facebook Fan Page?

If you read the media, watch the news, and follow certain news outlets (blogs, etc.) you might think that any business that does not have a Facebook Fan Page is doomed. You might get the impression that Facebook fan pages make a lot of money and that every business should really jump on the bandwagon immediately. But is this hype about Facebook fan pages justified? Will your business need a fan page to succeed online? [Read more…]

Google Adsense Tuning And How To Place Ads Inside A WordPress Article

A few weeks ago I was invited by Google to a Google Adsense Special Event they were holding at the Google office in Boulder, Colorado. The event included some generic PowerPoint presentations and some solid advice. I was also matched up with a member of the Google Adsense team for a one on one review of my account and my main website. This one one one session was very interesting and since then I have been playing with different Google Adsense variations. [Read more…]

What Is Your Domain Name?

Before even thinking about search engine optimization or online sales and marketing you will need a website. And to setup a website you will need a domain name. I do have roughly 50 to 60 websites myself and they are all sitting on individual domain names each. I am doing online marketing through my websites for the longest time and through my different websites I have learned quite a few things. [Read more…]

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is all over the place and more and more potential customers are on Facebook. So, it is important for your business to be on Facebook, too. However, many business owner are still hesitating to do so. The learning curve in the very beginning is steep and then there is also the limited amount of time that we all have. But here are some of the benefits that you can reap when using Facebook for your business.

Branding – Facebook is a great way to build up a brand – be it nation-wide or local. Name recognition becomes more and more important and so this is a great way to get the name out and established.

Customer Engagement – Social media is one of the top ways to engage with your customers. And Facebook is the largest social network on the planet at the time of this writing. Here you can communicate with your customers and also find out more about them. Knowing what your customers want and expect from you can move your business up quite a bit.

An often over-looked benefit is viral marketing. Word of mouth is and has been the most reliable way to drive business. Facebook can play a huge role in having news go viral. People like to share great content and Facebook makes it easy to do so. Post some exceptional content and you never know – the power of Facebook can drive thousands of visitors to your website.

Many business that use Facebook actively have developed certain marketing strategies to get the Facebook  crowd involved. Facebook exclusive content is the magic tool they use. As an example a Facebook exclusive sales deal could be a good step to start out with. For one, the existing Facebook fans of yours will have access to this coupon, but non-Facebook fans and customers would like to get the same deal. They are “motivated” to join you on Facebook and as a result your Facebook fan base is steadily increasing.

The key to a successful Facebook strategy is having your own Facebook Fan page. A fan page can be a custom designed page or some content that is being pulled from your website. You can also mix the 2 for a very unique Facebook experience. And even better, besides your own development cost there are no additional fees involved. Facebook provides this service free of charge.

I will write a little more about Facebook pages and Facebook marketing in upcoming blog postings.